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Terms & Condition

BacklinksGo is a portal where anyone can submit a link of their website to get quality back links and quick Google ranking. But we have some guidelines that you need to know and follow if you want to create a profile in BacklinksGo.
Through signing an account in BacklinksGo you are provided by our following terms of service:
• By Submit Content to BacklinksGo you granted us permission us to publish, display, modify, and distribute your content Online.
• If you use any words related to prohibition than we have right to delete it without informing you. Content is Strictly Prohibited if –
    ○ You Use of Foul or abusive words, Threat or harasses
    ○ Content is Spam
    ○ If Content involuntary Pornography or Nudity
    ○ Content contains Confidential Information

If you don’t follow these conditions, even after warning than we can Temporary or permanently suspend your account.

• You cannot Submit Other Link of other brands here without the Confirmation of the Owner of those Product/Services. If we get Complaint we will not only delete your submissions but your account will also be got banned.
• We will send you a new password on request but if there’s any Complication regarding Password changes we are not responsible. In this case, create a new Account.
• Selecting a wrong category even after submitting the Multiple right Posts, we have right to ban your account.
• If you want to delete a Submission by sending us a request by email using your Official ID, we will delete it in 5 working days or in a month if there’s complication. If your Submission is still at BacklinksGo than there can be many reasons such as we never received your mail.

Note - We reserve all rights to Change Terms and Condition or Guidelines of BacklinksGo at any time without any notice.

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